Assisted Living

Need help finding assisted living in Scottsdale, AZ?

All of their meals are prepared with their dietary restrictions in mind, such as gluten free, low sodium, and diabetic. Within this home there is a large backyard area. Residents take part in activities such as yoga, bingo, crafts, tea parties, big birthday parties, guest musicians, and always celebrate major holidays as a group in this comfortable environment.

After 21 years of helping families find care, this care option, because it’s a smaller environment and more one-on-one care compared to the more institutional types, has a better quality of life and quality care for your loved ones.

Today we have just looked at one of the options available for mom and dad if they need more care and can’t be at home on their own.

These types of facilities are also half the cost of the large institutional type facilities which will give you financial peace of mind.

If you find yourself in a crisis situation and need help finding assisted living care for your loved one you can reach us at 602-800-9002